Wordsworth High School’s vision is of quality, innovative and relevant education for all, brought about by dedication, commitment and support from all stakeholders.



Wordsworth High School is a family dedicated to upholding Christian based values and norms, whilst acknowledging and respecting the religious freedom and democratic rights of each individual.


Our school Aims to:

1.   Develop all placed in its care, irrespective of race, creed, sex or culture, to attain their maximum potential in every sphere in their lives.

2.   Achieve excellence as we prepare our pupils to become worthy members of society and responsible adults.

3.   Face the challenges of reality in a dynamic world.

4.   Provide effective education in subjects which are relevant to our pupils.

5.   Utilize an educational process including formal education, experiential learning, development in leadership and personal development.

6.   Make our world a better place through hard work, discipline, integrity and by using the talents bestowed on us to their full potential.

7.   Work in close partnership with the parents of our charges, our community and our Creator to attain all our goals.

2015 Valentines

D17 Qualifiers


Grade 8 Camp

Mr JW Bothma (Deputy Principal 1)

Mr MM Mzangwa (Principal)

Mrs L Seddon (Deputy Principal 2)